Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NuCanoe Frontier- A Family Freindly Watercraft

By Anthony Larson
Originally Published on WisconsinParent.com

As an outdoor communicator, one of the questions that frequently come up are “canoe vs. kayak” or “what boat do I like”.  Like anything, there are compromises that have to be made. All watercraft have their advantages, and disadvantages when compared side by side.  One has to consider what the watercraft is designed for, amount of usage it will get in comparison to the price, and what the desire for usage would be.

I have seen kayaks go for as little as $200.00 at your run of the mill big box retail store (there is no exclusivity to the brand or chain). I will say that similar to most things in the watercraft industry- you get what you pay for.  These cheaper units are great if you plan on using it for a season or two, if you have waterfront property where transport is not an issue, and if they don’t see much abuse via rocks or scuffing on concrete.
Adam stands while fishing in the back waters of the Mississippi River
I have also seen kayaks go for $6,000- a rich man’s game I don’t plan on getting into.
There is one watercraft that stands out from the pack. The NuCanoe Frontier.  NuCanoe launched the Frontier last year, and advertised it as a stable, versatile watercraft; designed for fishing, hunting, and paddling.

I purchased the Frontier when they first came out, because I was already a fan of the NuCanoe product line.  I will tell you that the Frontier definitely hit the nail on the head.  I did everything I could to flip the Frontier; I feel very comfortable being in boat, and can stand up and sight fish, or just cast; the accessory line makes the Frontier adaptable for just about any situation; most importantly, THIS IS SOMETHING I CAN HAVE MY KIDS IN!

Being a parent of a special needs child, stability in watercraft is essential. I once flipped a canoe with my daughter a few years ago, and it was the scariest thing ever. She would cry every time she would set foot in a canoe, it was just too scary for her.  Taking her out a few times in the Frontier has rebuilt her connection with the outdoors and watercraft industry; and with my son’s disability, I trust the stability to keep him dry while we explore the back waters of the Mississippi River and the cranberry marshes of Tomah/Warrens.

Overall I highly recommend the Frontier as a family friendlily watercraft and am impressed to see a product that lives up to its advertised potential.



Anthony owns Coulee Region Adventures, an online resource for outdoor adventures in the La Crosse area. He has been a fishing guide in the area for the last 7 years, promoting silent sports and green eco tourism featuring the trout streams of the Coulee Region and kayak adventures in the Mississippi, Black, and La Crosse Rivers; as well as the Cranberry Marshes of Rural Tomah/Warrens and the mysterious Trempealeau lakes.

Anthony is also a freelance photographer having his photographs featured in BASS, FLW, Coulee Region Parenting, and Outdoor Hub.

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