Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paddling down the Skagit River

The river was high and moving swiftly, adding to the fun of an afternoon float down the Skagit River in Northwest Washington. The weather was great, and the NuCanoes made the trip as relaxing and enjoyable as could be.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From On The Water Sports in Salem, OR

Here are some photos from our Premier Dealer in Salem, OR - On The Water Sports.

Kayak Instructors from Agate Bay & Depoe Bay demo'ing the NuCanoe at Yaquina Bay (they had good things to say about their NuCanoe demo!):

Options for Transporting your NuCanoe(s) in a Pickup Truck:

Monday, May 12, 2008

NuCanoe Review from Tennessee

"Well, I have had my 10' NuCanoe for about 2 months now and have not had it out as much as I would like, but, the times that I have had it out, were great! I really like my NuCanoe! Very stable and fun to paddle and fish from. It paddles very easily up stream as well as on open bodies of water. You have a great product here and I know that I have probably sold a couple locally just from other people seeing it on the water and asking questions. Job well done with this boat. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a river/lake boat that is easy to load/unload, very stable, very easy to paddle with a double paddle, very comfortable and just plain fun."

W. Patterson - Tennessee

Family Fishing Fun

"We love our Nucanoe! Took the kids out to Lake Padden on Sunday and Julian caught this sweet 14" Rainbow trout. This boat is so stable that I can take my kids out in it without any worries about tipping--even when my rowdy 6 yr old forgets he's in a small boat and stands up/moves around. You can't do that in a regular canoe. Plus I can load/unload it myself out of the pickup truck, so can get out fishing with just the kids and me. This boat was truly made for taking kids fishing."

Thank you.

Best regards,
Noah Booker