Monday, April 1, 2013

Coast Fly Angler Loving the Frontier in Wilmington, NC

I have been kayaking 15 years, currently own 7 kayaks, and for the first time ever felt truly comfortable on the water. I am 6'6" 300 lbs and almost gave up on kayaking recently. Had spent last few months researching fiberglass skiffs and welded jon boats in the 20' range. Had it all figured out, $20-25k admission to the club, towing 2,000 lbs, insurance, assholes at boat ramps at 7 am each weekend, etc.. 48 hours ago I heard of NuCanoe on the NC Angler forum and my interest was peaked.

I love small boats, kayaking for 15 years, got two Sotar white water rafts we use on remote 10-15 day float trips in Alaska each year, usually arctic rivers 700+ miles above Anchorage. Got a 16.5' Ally pack canoe we use in Alaska when bush plane payload is an issue. My wife and I are travel nurses and spent 3 years in Alaska and 4 years on Nantucket before returning home to NC two years ago. I love small watercraft, but it has mostly been like cramming a square peg in a round hole. Till today, I got in the boat my dealer in Hickory, NC took to the nearby lake. I sit there staring around as if something was amiss. The thing missing was my 300 lb butt being at or below the water line and a kayak that looked like a moderate passing boat wake would swamp it. I stood up after a few minutes of contemplating life, no ropes, no casting stand, just stood up. It was nothing short of liberating. Without the decades of trials and tribulations I have had on the water with small boats, you just couldn't understand. 

Bought mine and had the guy put in an order for another lime green one for my wife. Buying Minn Kota Riptide (saltwater) 55 lb thrust trolling motors tomorrow, outboard Yamaha's in a few weeks. We are going to take these boats all over the place. Wife says thank you as you saved us $20k and her garage parking space the skiff would have occupied. Just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you myself. BTW, Charles Mogray, owner of Outdoor Supply Company in Hickory, represents your product line well. He was very knowledgeable and helpful today. 

Coastal fly fisherman need a stable boat to go up and down the intracoastal waterway to access the hundreds of tidal creeks where the redfish hide. Redfish, called red drum in our area till the recent boom in fishing interest for them. Guess in the gulf they are called redfish, the fly fishing interest for them has boomed in the last decade. The trouble is getting to them without a specialized flats boat, often a technical poling skiff, called microskiffs. These boats will set a person back $15-40k and that puts them out of reach for the many hard working blue collar fishing guys in the Carolinas. The stability of your boat, coupled with the ability to add a motor to enhance range, then stand up and sight fish for redfish in 1 foot of water is HUGE man. 

This boat was made for this area. Traditional kayaks lack the stability to withstand boat traffic wake from the many larger boats in the ICW, lack the ability to stand up safely in, and lack the range to go several miles one way looking for secluded creeks off the waterway. Wilmington is an untapped market, as would be Oriental, Morehead City, and Southport. I mention Wilmington specifically as they are a hot spot for both population and fishing interest in NC. This is the general area where folks from Raleigh and Charlotte go on vacation, have weekend homes, and such. From just north of there in Topsail Beach, to just south of there in Southport/Bald Head/Oak Island, we all shop in Wilmington. I wet my lines just 15 miles south of there on Bald Head Island and Oak Island where my folks have had a vacation home my whole life. Anyway, just making a suggestion. If I didn't know who/what NuCanoe was until 2 days ago, I am certain many other outdoorsman in my area don't either. I will generate some energy in my area as my wife and I, both avid fly fisherman, will join your Team NuCanoe. You have a great product!

-Dan Hall Jr.
Rockingham/Southport, NC


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