Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NuCanoe Maiden Voyage

Here are some photos of us on the Snake River over the weekend. This was our first trip out in the NuCanoe!

Josh M.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Men in a NuCanoe in Rocky Mount

We fished on a small farm pond in Walnut Cove, N.C. I caught these today in the same pond. My NuCanoe is awesome! I can stand and fish in non-moving or moving water. The NuCanoe is easy to handle in or out of water, and it has a lot of room in it for all of my gear!

Frank B.
Rocky Mount, NC

Monday, June 22, 2009

Carp Hunting

Here are Devon and Jay Sherley carp shooting at Lake Helena near Helena, MT from a NuCanoe. They shot over 60 carp that day and the NuCanoe worked great!

Jim H.
Helena, MT

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saturday on the water

Having unbelievable fun in my NuCanoe. See attached photos from a trip with my son on this past Saturday.

Jay L. from Gretna, LA

Trout Fishing with Osprey

Check out this nice German brown on our new sport box. Not a bad way to NuCanoe.

I wanted to relate a experience I had while on an outing recently. I caught and released a small trout. I was watching it to make sure it was going to be okay. Just as I decided I had better re-net it, an Osprey swooped down and made it his family's dinner. It happened just a few feet from me. I have seen them catch fish at quite a distance before, but never up close and personal. Thank you Blake and NuCanoe for perhaps that "once in a lifetime" outdoor experience.

Rod R. of Magalia, California

Fishing Shamrock Island

Fishing Shamrock Island and the East flats of the Corpus Christi Bay Saturday May 30th. The Red Fish measured 27 3/8" and weighed about 10 lbs. The speckled trout looks small in comparison but he is over 18". I use a 27 series deep cycle battery which allows me to troll a good distance (probably 8+miles) with and against the constant wind down here. Great Product!!!!
Mike S. in Corpus Christi, Texas

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poker Run Fun

10th Annual Poker Run,May 16, 09, sponsored by the Marion County, Fl. Aquaholics, organized by John Green and David Clark. There where over 300 kayakers supporting a fund raiser for the Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp. This was the third year that proceeds went for the water front programs for the camp. The 8 mile paddled on the Okalawaha River, starting at Gores Landing and ending at the Outpost, Ureka, Fl. The weather was great and they raised monies for a great cause. Pictured is Greg Workman,FWC Adventure Camp Manager and his daughter Hannah enjoying paddling the 12 ft NuCanoe.