Monday, January 25, 2010

The Size of a Hummer but Drives Like a Porsche

"I bought my father the NuCanoe, for Christmas, and he has been out on it a few times, and just absolutely LOVES it. I have also been out with him on the boat and am so very impressed with how stable it is even with two not so small people in it, and how it is the size of a hummer but drives and steers like a Porsche. It is a great boat and I am such a firm believer in the product, I have been at Bass Pro and have seen others looking at the kayaks and boats, and have told them about NuCanoe, and the specs on the boat etc. I look forward to seeing NuCanoe come out with more and different accessories for it as well!"

Georgette in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two More Happy NuCanoe Owners!

Dear NuCanoe -

We received your letter with the T-shirts and hat! Thank you very much. We wanted to let you know that the nucanoe was delivered in time for Christmas. We took it out this week and found it was great and we were very pleased with the boat.

It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

Steven & Holly in sunny Florida


I just wanted to drop a note. My daughter bought a Nucanoe for me as a Christmas Present. What a shock it was to say the least. We have enjoyed Kayaking for several years and she thought it would be great to get me one of your boats. All I can tell you now is that I am sold. We actually took the 12' boat out for a run on the 27th, as I wanted to get a new life jacket before I took it out.

I was very impressed by the handling and the easy in which we were able to handle the boat. It was indeed a very windy day, not to mention cold (about 34 degrees) The water was very choppy to say the least. We finally got to a little cove. One that I had only been able to see from a distance on an ATV for the last 30 years. This time we saw it from the water. It was unreal. We got a little brave in the coves as we had some relief from the wind and choppy water. We went shallow and were very please with the draw the boat took. When we should have been stuck it was very easy to "scoot" the boat over the sand bars.

This was with out a doubt one the best Christmas presents I have ever gotten. I am in Sales and if you ever need a new Sales Rep in the North Carolina, Virginia and or SC area let me know. I would be more than glad to come to work with a company like yours and can whole heatedly back and support the product.

Jet in Roanoke Rapids, NC