Thursday, February 9, 2012

Custom NuCanoe Camo

"My son and I recently purchased our Hunter Brown 12 ft Nucanoe for the upcoming duck hunting season. We have not had time to accessorize beyond our camouflage job. We used the Krylon Camouflage paint with Fusion as suggested by Mark Armstrong on the Nucanoe Blog. To start our camo process, we laid down a background using maple and holly leaves sprayed with the olive and brown paint.
To this background we added a few stick outlines using the black paint to spray various shaped sticks.  For our final layer of camo we created a reed stencil using poster board.  I would suggest that you make 3 to 4 stencils as they will collect paint and eventually ooze over and smear.  To paint the reeds we predominately used the tan camouflage paint, but if you look closely you can see that we also combined the olive, tan, and black to create reeds with more depth.  For example, we would lay down a tan reed and before moving the stencil we would spray the bottom black, and the reed tips olive.  The duck head stencil was courtesy of a Ducks Unlimited sticker we traced.  The whole process of collecting leaves, sticks, creating the reed stencil, and painting consumed approximately 3 hours.  This time of course included 2 trips back and forth to Ace Hardware.  Now that we have one camo job under our belts we think the whole process should really take around an hour if you are better organized.  Anyway, we had a great time and cannot wait to put the Nucanoe to use.  We just hope that we do not lose it in the wild."

Raymond & Jonathan Kelley