Monday, July 14, 2008

Rocking the Nooksack

Paddling the Nooksack River on July 12, 2008 near Glacier, WA. The river is rated Class II in this section - read about it on the

The NuCanoe performed great! It was very stable and maneuverable, even in the fast water. When going through sections of big rapids, the NuCanoe did take on water, sometimes a lot. But that didn't cause any problems. Another benefit is that the NuCanoe is bouyant and floats even if the paddler falls out and the NuCanoe tips over, you can still climb on and paddle your way to shore.

Overall, a great day. Getting into Class II water has its inherent risks, but the NuCanoe performs well and is very maneuverable. On the Class I & unrated sections, it was a relaxing comfortable float down the river.

Blake @ NuCanoe