Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NuCanoe "Dummy" Marketing

Bright Star Classics and NuCanoe takes advantage of advertising by putting a NuCanoe on top of their building where all can see from the Interstate 30, and adds a little dummy doing his thing in the canoe. People call and stop to take pics and it's got several people in just by seeing the canoe on top- It's all about Marketing!!! We change his cloths depending on what the season is - he's dressed to kill for the summer!!

Sulphur Springs, TX

First Day on the "Greatest Paddling Boat"

"Just to let you know, took my new NuCanoe out today. What a great boat. Even had more fun than when you let me demo yours. This has got to be the greatest paddling boat built. Had the boat out for over 4 hours, the seat was comfortable the whole time. Paddling was easy and a joy also. You do not really realize all the nice features this boat has until you take it out and use it. The sport box is really nice, as it latches down without the worry of losing items. Even christened the boat with a few fish today. Thank you again Frank, for the opportunity of trying this boat out and the service you provide in selling me this boat. NuCanoe is a great product and I wish you well at Tar River Paddle Sports."

Steve C.
Matthews, North Carolina