Friday, February 21, 2014

New Yak Attack Gear on the Frontier

At Yak Attack, the innovation never ends!  We recently had an opporutnity to test out three new Yak Attack accessories in the Frontier.  We think they worked great, but we want your opinion....Are these items you'd like to have in your Frontier?  Let us know via the comments feature on the blog or on our Facebook Page.


Adding a Fish Finder or Depthfinder to your Frontier just got easier! The CellBlok is an all inclusive system that works in the Freedom Track.  It holds the battery in the center of the Blok and its top surface serves as a mounting platform for the display and transducer deployment arm.  Extra wires spool on the outside.  

No more drilling holes!  No more routing wires!  Simply loosen the 2 Mighty Knobs to reposition or remove the CellBlok. 

Get your anchor line under control with the SideWinder! Designed to make anchor line management simple and effective, the SideWinder has some great features packed into a simple and effective design. The line lock groove keeps just the right amount of line deployed, and it works great with the Anchor Trolley or the Stern Anchor Kit. The SideWinder mounts in the Freedom Track.

Track Mount Retractor
Secure your gear without bulky leashes or floats using the Track Mount Retractor. This super versatile unit combines the innovation you've come to expect from YakAttack and genuine T-Reign retracting mechanism, 36" Kevlar cord, and a removable 4" tether. It mounts in the Freedom Track or to the Slide Mount.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Row, Row, Row your Frontier - Rowing System Prototype

We are getting closer on the Frontier Rowing System!  The latest prototype hit the water last week and the results were great.  But now we need your thoughts!

What do you think?  The good, the bad, the ugly....we want to hear it all!  Share your thoughts via the comments form on the bottom of the blog post or email us at


A Few Details
  • The Rowing System attaches via the Side Handle inserts; it does not require drilling into the hull.  Can be installed or removed in under 5 minutes.
  • Rowing brackets retract and fold down onto the gunwale; oars rest along top of gunwale.  Great for transporting, navigating tight areas, or coming in to a dock.
  • Can be used three ways:
    • Solo, facing the stern
    • Solo, facing the bow
    • Tandem, facing the bow

Solo, Facing Stern

Tandem, Facing Bow

Solo, Facing Bow