Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The World's First Propane Outboard Powered Kayak

The LEHR Propane Outboards are one of a kind.  In fact, they are the only propane powered outboard motors.  So when we test the LEHR 2.5hp Propane Outboard on the Frontier 12 recently, it very likely was the first time a kayak was powered by a propane outboard! 

Bottom line, this is a winning combination!  The stability and performance of the Frontier is a perfect fit for the LEHR propane outboard.  The Frontier flies through the water, planes easily, and handles great.

The Benefits:
  • Lightweight - The 2.5hp outboard weighs only 37lbs
  • Quiet - Much less noise than a gas outboard.
  • Clean - 98% less emissions...great for the environment and your health
  • Awesome Power - The LEHR outboard pushed the Frontier thorugh the water with ease, with both 1 and 2 passengers.
  • Ready to Go -The LEHR outboard drops right on the Frontier's transom, so special adapter brackets are required.
  • Fuel Canisters - Best of all, the LEHR outboard runs off standard camp stove propane canisters, which provide 4-6 hours of use.  At less than 1lb and $5 each, that is a winner!
Things to Improve:  While the motor worked great, we'll be working with LEHR on a couple items to enable easier control and operation of the motor.
  • Clutch switch - To put the motor in gear, the user is required to flip a switch on the side of the motor.  Getting to this switch can be a challenge when using the Frontier solo.  We'll be adding a control rod to allow the switch to be operated without moving from your seat position.
  • Raising/Lowering the Motor - Similarly, it is a challenge to raise and lower the motor as it requires being positioned in the stern of the boat next to the motor.  We'll be working with LEHR to develop a cable that will allow the motor to be raised or lowered from the seat position.
We'll get back on the water for another test when these solutions are in place!

The Dynamic Dolly & The Frontier 12

NuCanoe HQ is about 400 yards to a boat ramp.  When testing out new products or going for a paddle, we'll walk the Frontier to the water on the NuCanoe Transport Cart or on the Solo Trailer.  Both work well, but they leave you working a little harder than you'd like, particularly when hauling motors, sets, etc.

Last week we received a Dynamic Dolly to test out.  It's safe to say getting to and from the water is going to be a breeze for now on!  The Dynamic Dolly is lightweight and balances the weight of the boat to leave only a light load on the carry handle.  It breaks down for storage and transporation in only a couple minutes.

For our test, we even had a 2.5 HP LEHR outboard motor on our Frontier.  Easy as can be!  If you are transporting your Frontier over a long distance, this cart may be the perfect solution for you.  Learn more about the Dynamic Dolly at