Monday, June 25, 2012

Gator Gar!

Check out this great video from Frontier 12 owner David Graham of his adventure going after a Gator Gar.   You can read all about this and other adventures on David's blog at

Saturday, June 9, 2012

BassYaks Hands Free Motor on the Frontier

Lake Williams, York, PA -

The Bass Yaks motor arrived on Monday, and after a bit of tinkering, all is set and ready to go!  The motor featured here is a 45lb thrust MinnKota motor.  It installs on the Frontier 12 in around 5 minutes.  The only drilling or screwing required is for a couple pad eyes that serve as line guides.  Other than that, it is all plug & play.

According to our GPS, we average 4.5mph over a .2 mile stretch.  The motor has plenty of power to get you around quickly & easily.

The Demonstration

The Explanation

On The Water

The Components

The adapted MinnKota motor clamps to the Frontier Motor Mount.  The steering cables connect on the motor shaft.

The steering is controlled by two pedals that attached into the Freedom Track.  They can be repositioned or removed in seconds.

Group size 27 Battery Box houses battery & power control unit.

Speed & Direction Control

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anchor Trolley Installation

The Trolley Anchor Video - Installation & Demostration

Instructions for installing the Anchor Trolley hardware.....

1.  Install Bow Deck Ring on outside Gunwale, 12" behind the bow and 1/4" beneath the top gunwale.  Install with a rivet. 
Bow Deck Ring
2.  Install Pad Eyes on outside gunwale, across from Deck Rings and 1/4" beneath top gunwale.  Install with 2 self-tapping screws.
Pad Eye
Pad Eye installed across from Deck Rings
3. Install Stern Deck Ring 10" in front of Transom, 1/4" beneath top gunwale.  Install using a rivet.

Stern Deck Ring