Friday, April 5, 2013

Frontier Power Yak by Unique Yaks

Check out this Frontier customization by NuCanoe dealer Unique Yaks in Tampa, FL:

"This is our new Frontier Power Yak with Aluminum seat base, Solar trickle charger, built-in battery with on-board charger, battery meter and on-off switch, stake out pole, anchor trolly, and motor with extension handle.  It has a deep cycle AGM 12v 35 amp hr. battery with an on  board automatic charger. The Solar assist Charger is putting 7 watts or 2 amps into the battery from daylight to dusk. We sent a boat out fishing and camping for more than 3 days and it still had almost half power at the end of the trip with no additional charge except the solar assist. It also has a quick release to raise and lower the motor for shallow water. In the picture showing the solar panel, you can see the Red Key. This is your power key and can be turned off and removed if you stop on the water at a restaurant or for an adult beverage. No one can power off with your craft.This is the Ultimate Flats or Deep water Power Yak. Only in America and only from NuCanoe and Aquaterrasports." 
     ~ Doc, Unique Yaks


Daniel Chapman said...

This is exactly what I want!

Daniel Chapman said...

I ordered the frontier 12 a week ago. Still waiting for it to arrive and after that I'm going to get the solar, motor, and the rest of this set up. Can't wait!

asima khan said...

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