Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Dynamic Dolly & The Frontier 12

NuCanoe HQ is about 400 yards to a boat ramp.  When testing out new products or going for a paddle, we'll walk the Frontier to the water on the NuCanoe Transport Cart or on the Solo Trailer.  Both work well, but they leave you working a little harder than you'd like, particularly when hauling motors, sets, etc.

Last week we received a Dynamic Dolly to test out.  It's safe to say getting to and from the water is going to be a breeze for now on!  The Dynamic Dolly is lightweight and balances the weight of the boat to leave only a light load on the carry handle.  It breaks down for storage and transporation in only a couple minutes.

For our test, we even had a 2.5 HP LEHR outboard motor on our Frontier.  Easy as can be!  If you are transporting your Frontier over a long distance, this cart may be the perfect solution for you.  Learn more about the Dynamic Dolly at

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kbcarpent said...

Could this be made so it would be legal for transportation on public roads? It would need a few things like lights, and a hitch, but would be a great little trailer if it could be adapted!