Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Frontiers Everywhere at The Compound

Thanks to Frontier Owner Joe Maione for this great post on Yak

I was already planning a Sunday trip with Taylor when I got a text from Mark... Mark and Sam wanted to take the girls fishing so we planned to meet before daybreak. Ton of fun on the water even though the fishing was slower then normal. 3 kids, 3 adults, 3 Frontiers on the water ready for action:

The fishing was rather slow.. no topwater bite whatsoever and the only ones hooking up early were Sam's girls using worms under bobbers. I ended up with a nice tangle when I got hung up and yanked free only to tangle around the other rods in the back of the kayak. About that time Taylor hooked up with her first fish of the day on a senko... as I heard her familiar line "fish on" while I was working on the tangled rods.

Taylor's first fish:

I finally got on the board with this little guy:

Taylor switched over to some redworms and started to catch a variety of bass and sun fish.. here are a few more shots of her fish:

It was pretty cool that I was able to double with my daughter a couple of times:

Taylor is really getting comfortable standing standing and fishing:

I caught 13 bass and Taylor was able to bring 12 in the boat (8 bass and 4 gills).. I did get one really nice one at about 10:00am weighed in at 5.31 lbs... here are a few shots:

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