Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Small Watercraft for All Occasions

Do you have a passion for the water? Paddling a rushing river, kayak fishing for trout or salmon, or gliding your canoe around a placid lake or bay with your family... there is nothing quite like it. These activities would usually require you to own three different boats, a very expensive and space-consuming predicament. But thanks to the versatile NuCanoe, you can enjoy all of your water pursuits with just one boat!

The NuCanoe is a versatile, stable and easy to use watercraft – with no training or experience required. It is a fishing kayak, a river canoe, a lake cruiser, and a family fun boat.

The NuCanoe combines the best of a canoe and a kayak. Kayaks are fast and maneuverable, and bring paddlers a greater sense of control. But where do you put your fishing, hunting or camping gear, or your cooler full of drinks and food? Your family can’t join you; there is no room to stretch your legs and very little back support. Also, standing up to reel in a fish or photograph a passing dolphin is out of the question. A canoe has room for all of your gear and passengers, plus you don’t have to be a yoga master to get into one. But it has a higher center of gravity, making it more likely to tip over. It is also harder to steer, more affected by wind, and more likely to take on water.

The NuCanoe brings you the best of both worlds, without the negatives!

The NuCanoe is available in 10’ and 12’ models. It can be configured for 1, 2 or 3 passengers so you can enjoy a day of solo kayak fishing or spend the day on the water with your family. You can paddle, row, or troll with a small motor. You can take it out on rivers, lakes, salt water and fresh water. You can sit comfortably with great back support, stretch your legs, and stand confidently in this stable boat. No other kayak, canoe, or small watercraft gives you this much flexibility, stability, comfort, safety, and on-the-water fun!

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