Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NuCanoe is an Angler's Best Friend
Want to take your fishing to the next level with added ease and mobility, without spending much money? Want to catch more fish and enjoy the experience? Meet your “Nu” best friend: The NuCanoe!

Problem #1: I have to get to the fish to catch them
“I purchased a NuCanoe about a year ago. I am absolutely delighted with the handling of the NuCanoe as a fishing vessel. I have caught many nice smallmouth in places that I would not have been able to wade and get to.” - Joel Gonzalez in Illinois
Fishing from the shore can be a relaxing experience, but is not always the most effective way to catch the most fish. Sometimes you need a way to access those just out-of-reach calm pools and overhanging trees where the fish love to hide, as well as the ability to move from place to place to follow the fish. This is where the versatile NuCanoe comes in. Kayak fishing in your NuCanoe puts you in control of your location, without sacrificing stealth. NuCanoe’s superior steering is in part due to its V-shaped hull, which reduces drag and makes the boat easy to control. Catch more fish with a NuCanoe!

Problem #2: I need room for my fishing gear (and my beer)
“I just purchased an Adventurer NuCanoe 2 weeks ago. I have already caught more fish from this kayak than I have the past 2 years from a bass boat. I love it.” - G.M., Knoxville, TN.
You don’t have to sacrifice high-tech sport fishing gear for kayak fishing convenience. Your NuCanoe can be outfitted with all the best fishing gear: tackle box, rod holders, anchor system, fish finders, and more. You can add a trolling motor, or choose to silently paddle or row through the water. The versatile NuCanoe Sport Box makes a great fish box, live well, food & beverage cooler, and storage box – it even has two cup holders to keep your drinks safe. Enjoy all your gear and your beer in your NuCanoe!

Problem #3: I need to be comfortable
“I bought a 12′ Tandem NuCanoe a few weeks ago and just took it out for the first time. Fantastic! My wife and I fished in great comfort – our OLD kayaks were wet and uncomfortable.
- Sam Joseph in Greensburg, PA
Unlike many fishing kayaks, you can outfit the NuCanoe with upright, supportive seating for 1-3 people, enabling you to stretch your legs and change your position as needed. You can safely stand to stretch and move in the boat. You can choose swivel-mounted seats for additional comfort and maneuverability. An optional bow water shield gives added protection to you and your gear in choppy waters. Relax and fish in comfort in your NuCanoe!

Problem #4: I need a safe, stable boat I can stand in
The NuCanoe is stable enough to permit standing, whether to cast a line or to obtain a better view of the fish lurking below. - Paddler Magazine
The NuCanoe excels at ensuring your safety. This fishing kayak is wide, stable and hard to tip. The stability of the NuCanoe enables your focus to be on fishing, not on operating the boat or maintaining balance. You can even stand in this boat to stretch, cast, or reel in your fish – it’s that stable. Rest assured that if you do capsize the boat, it will not sink. A sealed hull design provides high internal flotation and allows the NuCanoe to float even if capsized or full of water. Launch your NuCanoe without worry on lakes, rivers, salt water or fresh water – wherever your passion for fishing takes you. Stand up and reel in the big one in your NuCanoe!

Problem #5: I need a NuCanoe!
Ask your local dealer about the NuCanoe Adventurer and Angler packages. They offer the most versatile, stable, and portable fishing platform of this style an angler can find. All kayak fishing packages come with seat(s), rod holders, paddle holders, and an anchor system – some also include the custom sport box. They can accommodate a trolling motor, if you choose. They can be transported on the roof of a vehicle, the back of a pickup or stacked on a trailer. No other fishing kayak, canoe, or small watercraft gives you this much flexibility, stability, comfort, safety and ease of use. In a word… FISHABILITY!

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