Monday, May 4, 2009

"I have a NuCanoe..."

"....and I love it. I have paddled it on the Hooch (Chattahoochee River) and on a lake. It worked out great both times. I love the fact I could add a electric motor if I needed a little help getting the boat from point to point on the lake. I am planning on using it down on the coast this summer... I think the way it is rigged with anchor system is going to help a lot on dealing with the tides. It is also nice that I can change the setup to be tandem, fishing geared, paddling geared, etc. rather easily as it is well designed. I am not sure if there is a SOT that is set up at purchase to be that versatile.

"I would be happy to talk live about it. Shoot me a PM if you want to send a # to call.

"I have talked SOT vs. NuCanoe through with a few paddlers (who are occasional fishermen) and a few fishermen (who are occasional paddlers). The general consensus is that NuCanoe is the better fishing boat, a traditional SOT may be a better paddling boat.

"In short, after my own research, the NuCanoe was the best for me. Depending on your preferences/needs, your answer could be different. Oh yeah... Up The River Outfitters is where I purchased my boat. They let me try different boats out on the river and treated me great. I am still plugging for them every chance I get.

"The boat is very easy to get into and out of both in deep water and in shallow water. When you pull yourself in in deeper water, the boat tends to get a little bit of water in it. I have heard some people bring large sponges to ring the water out... I usually just paddle to shallow water and tip the boat on its side. Overall, because of the width, I think it makes for a stable base, which helps on entry/exit.

"On the question of storing gear, when I am solo there is tons of room... I usually bring a big tackle bag and a cooler for food and have lots of room left. The guy who designed this boat definitely had fishermen in mind as everything from the anchor system to the seats is built for efficiency and comfort. I think it is going to be a bit more cramped when I have two fishermen in the boat. Here is a picture when I was just out paddling with no gear."

As posted by CU Tiger Fisherman on North Georgia Trout Online.

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