Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Frontier 12 Helps Save a Capsized Kayaker

As Reported by Veerapol Pimsaen, a NuCanoe Frontier 12 owner from McKinney, Texas

The Frontier 12 saved a life Saturday January 4, 2014!

I arrived at the boat ramp at Little Ridge Park on Lake Lavon (Texas) mid-afternoon. As I was backing my vehicle down the ramp to launch, a person came up to me and told me his buddy is out about 300 yards, capsized and holding onto his Ascend kayak that was anchored in 22 ft. of low 40 deg. Water. He had been in that condition for 15-20 minutes.

While 911 had been dispatched, I offered that I can get him and his yak out. As soon as I was ready to launch my Frontier 12, a Texas Game Warden, Lavon police, and first responders showed up. The patrol boat was two hours away, and there were no other boats on the lake due to the 25+ wind, so I was the only option to help the capsized kayaker.

The area was a protected cove but still the gusty wind was still challenging for any kayak. I had no doubt the Frontier 12 could handle it. Well, I rescued the person and dropped him off at the ramp for the first responders, then went out and got his yak. It was filled with water since his bow hatch was open.

All in all, the warden and police were appreciative for what I did saving his life, as he probably would not have been able to hang on another 15-20 minutes. He was pale, tired, and little responsive when I pulled him into the canoe. They were very impressed the Frontier 12 being able to complete such a task so quickly and with little effort to support two people in that rough windy weather.

I spoke today with the young man I rescued and he too was impressed with the Frontier, for it saved his life. His body temp was 88 F when we reached the ramp. He was very fortunate to have a vessel capable of pulling him out of the water and easily handling two people in that windy condition. He was also appreciative for also getting his kayak back since it was his father's.

Also, during the launch, another by-stander was skeptical of what I was about to do and feared I too would be overwhelmed in those conditions, after the event was over he too was left amazed.

Since everything happened so fast with the launch, rescue, and recovery, it just did not leave much to report, we are all just glad there was not a body to look for, then the story would have probably made press.

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