Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Introducing the Frontier 10

The Frontier 10 is here....and it is all that we hoped it would be.  Super stable, incredibly maneuverable, completely customizable, and easy to handle off the water.  We are sure you'll be impressed too!  Read on to learn the details, watch the Frontier 10 in action, and learn about all the new features.

Production is starting this week and Frontier 10 shipments start Monday, May 6th.  Contact your local NuCanoe Dealer to learn when the Frontier 10 will be arriving to their store.

The Specs

Length = 118 1/2"
Width = 38 1/2"
Weight = 67lbs
Capacity = 500lbs
Self-Bailing Capacity = 350lbs

All in all just about as expected, except for the weight.    We'd have loved for the F10 to be down in the low sixties, but we were not willing to compromise hull strength and integrity to make this happen.  That said, when handling the Frontier 10 off the water, it feels much lighter and easier to carry/transport/load than the Frontier12.  Two feet less length and 2" less width makes a big difference!

Speaking of strength, the Cast & Blast Deck is rock solid, and the contour of the hull is such that water will not pool near the bow or on the sides.  The redesigned channels near the scuppers means the F10 bails fast and no water stays behind.

On The Water

Stability - Well, it is a Frontier, so you'd expect it to be stable.  And it is super stable and very comfortable for standing. 

Tracking - I think the biggest surprise for most people who paddle the Frontier 10 will be how well it tracks.  It is not quite up to the "straight as an arrow" tracking of the Frontier 12, but once you get a couple paddle strokes in, the F10 holds a straight course.   And maintains a straight glide when the paddling stops.

Paddling - Again, this is going to surprise people.  The Frontier 10 moves real nice through the water...nothing like you would guess form the 38.5" beam.
Maneuverability - The Frontier 10 can literally be turned 360 on its own axis.   Easily whip the boat 180 degrees with just 2-3 paddle strokes.  Nimble as can be for those tight waters and small creeks.

The New Features 

The Frontier 10 is very similar to the Frontier 12...but it does have some great new features.  Here's a quick overview:

Gear Vault Toggle - The Frontier 10 uses 2 rotating toggles to provide a secure fit on the Gear Vault, and enable easy opening and closing with one hand.

Oversized Mount Docks - Located near the front of the Cast & Blast Deck, the Mount Docs provide the perfect place to install your Yak Attack, RAM, or Scotty Mount Bases.  Convenient access through the Gear Vault makes it easy to install washers and locknuts on  the back for maximum security.

Bow Battery Box Dock -  When using the Frontier 10 with a trolling motor, it is ideal to have the battery located in the bow to ensure even weight distribution.  So we made a nice dock for a battery box at the front of the Cast & Blast Deck.  Footman's loops can easily be installed to run a strap over the batter to keep it secure.

Buckets in the Crate Space - The Crate Space has always been ideal for coolers, Crate Packs, and battery boxes.  Now it is a welcome home for 5 Gallon Buckets, too!

Tow Ring Dock - To enable easy towing on the water and easy trailering off the water, the Frontier 10 has a dock for a Eye Plate for towing.  Access through the Gear Vault enables installation of washers and locknuts.

Lowrance Scupper Transducer Mount  - The Scuppers on the Frontier 10 are specifically designed for the Lowarnce Scupper Transducer Mounts.  The channels on the hull provide great protection for the transducer.

Foot Pads  - Adjacent to the bow end of the Freedom Track are two foot pads, perfect for providing a secure place to brace your feet while paddling. 

We'll continue to post more photos and videos in he coming weeks.  And we look forward to reading reviews and stories from Frontier 10 owners!


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