Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Custom NuCanoe by Mark Armstrong

My 10’ NuCanoe on the trailer.  This includes the following additions.  Seat-mount, Folding Padded Seat, Rod Savers, Sport Box, Battery Box, Trolling Motor, Trolling Motor Extension, Bow Eye, Camo Cooler, Custom Camoflauge Paint.  The trailer is an open floor 4’ X 8’ that I customized with loading boards and rack for extra boats.

I installed a Bow Eye to lock the boat to the trailer when entering and leaving the water.  There is enough room if you know what you are doing to install the Bow Eye thru the Drain Plug access hole.  This also makes the boat easier to drag on the shore and thru the riffles because it pulls the boat straight and does not cause it to turn on its side while pulling.

The trolling motor is a 55 lb thrust with the shaft cut to a length that matches the bottom of the boat.  The bottom of the boat will hit the bottom of the stream before the motor does.  I have an extension for the trolling motor grip with a u-joint for easier handling of the trolling motor.  The battery box contains two plugs.  One is for the trolling motor and the other is a 12 volt DC outlet for spotlights, phones, GPS, etc.  The cooler is a standard size cooler put in an insulated bag.

The boat has Rod Savers installed on both sides to hold gear in place.  The seat is on a mount that I made from a marine product called Starboard.  It has a swivel mount mounted to it with the seat mounted to the swivel.  The Sport Box is a “must have” item.  I have a rod holder installed on the starboard side of the boat.  I went with a different type of rod holder than what NuCanoe has due to mounting space.

The camo is Krylon Camoflauge with Fusion.  I use a 3 color system to get depth and 3D effect.  Very easy to do.

This is my boat on the water.  Not new anymore.  Scratched on the bottom and smells like fish!


coho51 said...

very nice, I think I just found my dream boat. How do you think this will handle in a river with call 3 rapids? I would go for the 12 ft. but set it up just like this. Very Nice

Debra Mennins said...

Now that's what call a well used boat. Have you given any though of looking for a replacement or listing it for sale? There are a lot of used boat sales listings that you can take advantage of.