Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NuCanoe @ Rock Creek Cattle Company

Some photos of the NuCanoe in use on the lake at the Rock Creek Cattle Company resort in Deer Lodge, MT.


RonS said...

Folks love those boats on our lake. We have now purchased 9 of them and wish we had a facility to handle 29 of them. We'll build to to that goal.

Blake, and everyone for that matter, I looked long and hard for the right paddle boats for our clients and market.

I looked at several makers and models. I paddled and tried to tip and sink them all. Some tipped. Some could be sunk. Not the NuCanoe. At least, I couldn't accomplish it.

There are lot's of fine boats out there for a huge variety of waters and paddlers. When all of our needs were put down on paper and then the boats were put to the test, NuCanoe was the clear choice.

I have found NuCanoes to be virtually indestructible. Virtually unsinkable. Virtually untippable.

I say "virtually" because I'm sure if someone desperatley tried to tip, sink or destruct one of these boats, it could be done. Maybe with dynamite, however in the normal course of use, I don't think any of the above would ever be an issue.

We got started late in the summer of 2008 with our NuCanoe program however we are really looking forward to the upcoming 2009 season and have several new things in the works.

For one, I have begun working with Jay Arnold at [url]http://www.webassistsolutions.com/[/url] to get a website up and running for Rock Creek Boatworks. Jay is very creative and very efficient. I am really looking forward to getting that site live. Check back here for updates.

Another development: Some of you know that I'm a fishing guide for Rock Creek Cattle Company, Montana Troutaholic Outfitters, and TrophyFishingTn.Com.

Those folks, along with Lynchburg, TN NuCanoe dealer Tim's Flies and Lies and our little company, Rock Creek Boatwork and NuCanoe Inc. will be sponsoring a fly fishing themed fundraiser to benefit Project Healing Waters. We plan to give away a fully loaded NuCanoe as one of the great prizes.

NuCanoe has agreed to sell a boat to us at a discounted rate and each of the other companies named above has agreed to pitch in to cover the cost of a fully rigged fishing NuCanoe Machine. Thanks to all of you. I'll be back when I have more info.

In closing I'll say I'm looking forward to the NuCanoes of the future including new accessories and improvements that are sure to come on an already great product.

Thanks to Blake and all of the crew at NuCanoe for helping us get into the paddle boat business with these great boats.

Ron Snow
Rock Creek Boatworks
Deer Lodge, MT

NuCanoe Blogmaster said...

Thanks Ron! Check out the following sites for more info:

Tim's Flies & Lies Outfitter

Trophy Fishing TN