Sunday, July 8, 2007

NuCanoe Camping @ Lake Diablo

Diablo Lake in the North Cascades is a pristine & scenic place, and what better way to get lost in it than to take a NuCanoe camping to a remote, boat-in campground. We set off on the 2+ mile paddle to the campsite at the worst of time of day, early afternoon as the wind was blowing and the water was chopping. That made the paddling a bit rough, as did a bit of confusion in finding the unmarked campsite. But, overall, the journey was quite remarkable - just take a look at the pics. The NuCanoes cut through the waves & chop, delivering the passengers and gear safefully to the campsite. Once there, tranquility returned and a evening of trolling for fish (too elusive for us!) followed. Great times. Great setting. And great transport via the NuCanoe!

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